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Comfort and History Meet in the Legendary Texture of Istanbul!

Located in two unique regions of Istanbul, between the liveliness of Taksim and the historical richness of Sultanahmet, Ring Stone Hotels offers its guests an unforgettable accommodation experience. Ring Stone Bosphorus and Ring Stone Old City aim to make their guests experience the fascinating texture of Istanbul by offering a unique atmosphere blended with comfort and history.

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Ring Stone Hotels offers a perfect balance between comfort and history, allowing its guests to experience the fascinating atmosphere of Istanbul. Bringing together the liveliness of Taksim and the history of Sultanahmet, our hotels aim to provide their guests with an unforgettable Istanbul adventure. Join the guests of Ring Stone Hotels and experience this unique accommodation to discover the unique beauties of Istanbul!

Ring Stone Hotel Bosphorus

Located in the lively heart of Taksim, Ring Stone Bosphorus Hotel combines modern comfort and a calm atmosphere. This hotel, where you can feel the energy of the stone streets, attracts attention with its unique architecture and special design.

Welcoming its guests in a warm atmosphere in its rooms with jacuzzi, Ring Stone Bosphorus offers the opportunity to dive into the magnificent view of the Bosphorus. Offering accommodation in a private shelter away from the lively atmosphere of the city, our hotel promises an experience that internalizes the spirit of Istanbul.

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Ring Stone Hotel Old City

Located in the historical fabric of Sultanahmet, Ring Stone Old City serves its guests at a unique point where the past and the future meet. Located in the Sultanahmet region, full of historical and cultural riches, our hotel combines modern comfort with historical textures.

While guests have a unique accommodation experience by following the traces of the past, they also breathe in the history of Sultanahmet. Ring Stone Old City, where every detail has been carefully considered, offers an accommodation experience intertwined with history in the unique atmosphere of Istanbul.

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